Danuta Wałęsa

Danuta Wałęsa

Danuta Wałęsa (1949-), Mirosława Danuta Gołoś was born in Krypy, Poland on February 25. On September 8, 1969 Danuta married Lech Wałęsa, the legendary leader of Solidarity, President of Poland (1990-1995) and she became the First Lady. Danuta and Lech Wałęsa have eight children: Bogdan (1970), Sławomir (1972), Przemysław (1974), Jarosław (1976), Magdalena (1979), Anna (1980), Maria Wiktoria (1982) and Brygida (1985).

Lech Wałęsa is the first Polish person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1983).

As the Laureate, Mr. Lech Wałęsa was unable to be present on the occasion of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, on December 10, 1983, the Acceptance Speech was presented by Mrs. Danuta Wałęsa, his wife.

She was pronounced defeated – and here is proof that She is victorious (Henryk Sienkiewicz).

Your Majesty,
Honourable Representatives
of the Norwegian People,

You are aware of the reasons why I could not come to your Capital city and receive personally this distinguished prize. On that solemn day my place is among those with whom I have grown and to whom I belong – the workers of Gdańsk. Let my words convey to you the joy and the never extinguished hope of the millions of my brothers – the millions of working people in factories and offices, associated in the union whose very name expresses one of the noblest aspirations of humanity. Today all of them, like myself, feel greatly honoured by the prize. With deep sorrow I think of those who paid with their lives for the loyalty to Solidarity; of those who are behind prison bars and who are victims of repressions.

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