Bogumił Gacka

Bogumił Gacka

Bogumił Gacka (1955-), Founding Editor of the biannual Personalism, Chairman of Christian Personalism at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Warsaw, Poland. He received the Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland in 1987, under Rev. Czesław S. Bartnik. Fr. Bogumił was the Vice rector of the Marian Seminary of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady (1989-1996). He studied Personalism at the Catholic University of America (1990), Boston University and Harvard University (1992-1993).

He published Personalistyczna eklezjologia Johna H. Newmana (Lublin 1989), Bibliography of American Personalism (Lublin 1994), American Personalism (Lublin 1995), Personalizm amerykański (Lublin 1996), and Bibliography of The Personalist (Lublin 1999).

Professor Bogumił organized the Eighth International Conference on Persons held in Warsaw, Poland on August 9-12, 2005. Personalism is the golden vein of civilization.

An equal measure of dignity of every human person and of every nation – such is the golden exposition and vein of the personalism of John Paul II, the Pope from Poland, the Slavic Pope. Personalism as a system consists in interpreting all reality in the perspective of person, both the Reality of the Creator (the Divine Persons) and that of the creation (the human and angelic persons). In the very core of the personalistic doctrine there is a personal God (theistic personalism) as well as a conviction that the epistemological, metaphysical and ethical (moral) or social truth emerges from the highest mystery (the fact, category and dignity) of person. Person is the key to reality.

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