Pavol Maćala

Pavol Maćala

Pavol Maćala (1958-), Ph.D., a Slovak personalist. He is Chairman of History in the Department of Philosophy at the Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Slovakia. A great specialist in Archeology and History of Slavs.

Pavol was born on February 15, 1958 in the town of Vranov near Topla River, SL He studied Archeology at Masaryk University in Brno, SL. He worked at the Institute of Archeology, a part of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

With his wife Hanna Pavol Maćala has two children – daughter Hanna and son Jan.

He was a counselor of the State Secretary and assisted the main negotiator in the Slovakian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to access the European Union. Dr. Maćala and Member of the European Commission responsible for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism Ján Figel presented His Holiness John Paul II with the Personalism Tribute while celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Great Pontificate on September 12, 2003.

Pán je môj pastier, nič mi nechýba (Psalm 23)

On 16 October 1978 the Catholic Church and world-wide public learnt about surprising great news: Habemus Papam. The Conclave of Cardinals elected the Cardinal Karol Wojtyła of Kraków a Pope, John Paul II. It was for the first time that Christ’s vicar on the St. Peter’s see, by God’s will, became a Pole, a Slav. The pontificate of John Paul II is an inexhaustible treasury. In my contribution I would like to touch upon the unique topic of John Paul II’s – the symbol of Europe’s two lungs that the Holy Father perceived as a topic of the present and the future.

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