John Paul II

John Paul II

John Paul II (1920-2005), the Great Personalist. During the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) Bp Karol Wojtyła spoke on personalism when Schema 13, which later became the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the modern world Gaudium et spes, was studied. He states that there is a cosmological focus of the Aristotelian tradition that needs to be completed by a personalist focus.

On October 22, 1996 John Paul II delivered the Message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Evolution.

According to John Paul II, the scientific methods (chemistry, biology, genetics, astronomy) should be combined with the philosophical and thelological methods to discover the mystery of the human person.

Our Lord called You to introduce the Church into the Third Millennium. (Card. Stefan Wyszyński to John Paul II)

It is with great pleasure that I send my cordial greetings to you, Mr. President, and to all of you who constitute the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, on the occasion of your plenary assembly. I send my particular best wishes to the new members of the Academy, who come to take part in your work for the first time. I also wish to recall the members who have died in the course of the past year; I entrust them to the Maker of all life.

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