Mirosław Kowalczyk

Mirosław Kowalczyk

Mirosław Kowalczyk (1957-), a specialist in theological history of salvation and the theology of nation, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Systematic Theology, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. Mirosław was born on July 7, 1957 in Lublin, Poland. He was ordained into the priesthood on June 28, 1982 in the Lublin Cathedral. Rev. Kowalczyk received his doctoral degree in Theology on The nation in the history of salvation according to St Matthew’s Gospel, written under Prof. Czesław Bartnik.

He published: Naród w nauce chrześcijańskiej, Lublin 2002; Z teologii historii narodu Jana Pawła II, in: Polska Teologia Narodu, Lublin 1986; Realizm personalistyczny, in: Cz. S. Bartnik, Personalizm, Lublin 1995; Praca a kultura (ed.), Lublin 2005.

Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

(Mt 28:19)

The notion of nation in Catholic teaching has been among the main themes in the kerygmatic theology of Primate of Poland (1948-1981) Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński. According to the Primate, a nation has its subjectivity and its objectivity (podmiotowość and przedmiotowość). The national existence as a whole has two dimensions: a material (objective) and a spiritual (subjective) one. The Primate’s teaching about nation has enriched the Polish theology of nation, which has been scientifically systematized and endowed with a new personalistic dimension by Rev. Professor Czesław Stanisław Bartnik of the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. This article attempts to present the characteristic features of the theology of nation in both Primate Wyszyński’s teaching and in Czesław Stanisław Bartnik’s personalistic system.

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