Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński

Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński

Stefan Wyszyński (1901-1981) decided to sign the Agreement with the communist government on behalf of Poland’s Episcopate on April 14, 1950 in Warsaw. On January 12, 1953 during the Consistory in Rome Abp Wyszyński was created Cardinal, but he was stopped by the communist authorities from attending Rome’s Consistory. The State authorities broke the Agreement and granted themselves the right to appoint clerical posts in the Church hierarchy on February 9, 1953. On May 8, 1953 the Primate of Poland, on behalf of Poland’s Episcopate sent the Memorial to B. Bierut, Polish Prime Minister, in which he strongly opposed: Non Possumus!

On June 4, 1953 (the solemnity of Corpus Christi) the Primate of Poland repeated Non Possumus in his solemn speech in front of St. Anna’s Church in Warsaw. On the night of September 25, 1953 he was arrested by the communist regime and imprisoned for three years.

We are not allowed to place God’s realities on Caesar’s altars.

Non Possumus!

Sacerdos in aeternum Christus Dominus secundum ordinem Melchisedech panem et vinum obtulit. Alleluia! Christ the Lord is a priest forever in the line of Melchizedek; he offered up bread and wine. Alleluia!

Antiphon from the Second Vespers of the Corpus Christi Solemnity.

Most Beloved God’s Children!
My Children!

The Catholic Church is singing this antiphon today! She has been singing it for twenty centuries, all over God’s earth. The signing embraces us, it brings together and unites us. Today, we are deeply filled with this joy, we are given new life and united. In this joy we have become a people of unity and peace.

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