Jan Krynicki

Jan Krynicki

Jan Krynicki (1959-), born on September 19, 1959 in Krynica, PL. He graduated from the Firefighting School for Fire Marshals in Cracow, PL (1980). He was ordained a priest by Bishop Ignacy Tokarczuk in Przemyśl, PL (1987). Since 1998 Rev. Krynicki is pastor of Blessed Karolina’s parish in Rzeszów (the Church shrine is under construction). He serves as the Chaplain for the Podkarpacki Region’s Fire Department (1999-) and he holds the rank of Captain.

Jan Krynicki’s M.A. thesis concerned “The Object of Laws and Duties of Lay Catholics in the Code of Canon Law (1983)” (Papal Academy of Theology, Kraków).

In 2002 Rev. Jan completed studies at the University of Stephen Cardinal Wyszyński, Department of Theology. His Licentiate paper written under Professor Bogumił Gacka is entitled “William Stern’s Critical Personalism in Search for Understanding of Person.” In 2003 he begins his doctoral studies at the University of Cardinal Wyszyński in Warsaw.

The love of Christ urges us (2 Cor 5:14)

As we experience almost every day various manifestations of dehumanization and depersonalization, we increasingly long for a world where every individual, in his or her entirety, and as a personal being, would be accepted. Such a world has constantly been proposed by Pope John Paul II, who also reminds us about the primate of spirit over matter, and person over thing.

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