Stanisław Kurlandzki

Stanisław Kurlandzki

Stanisław Kurlandzki (1928- ), a Marian Father, a Personalist in Ethics. He was ordained into the priesthood on June 26, 1955 in Włocławek by Bishop Antoni Pawłowski. Rev. Stanisław completed his specialized studies in metaethics at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, under Cardinal Karol Wojtyła (1966-1969) and wrote his M.A. thesis: The Concept of Moral Experience according to Max Scheler (1970).

Father Kurlandzki has been engaged in the issues of mission for the last several years. Among the numerous books he edited and published are:Jan Glica MIC, Oczarowany misjami. Listy z Brazylii (Warsaw 1996); Stefan Szwajkowski MIC, M. Szczepaniak, Dziennik misjonarza. Listy z Brazylii (Warsaw 1997); S. Kurlandzki, L. Danilecka, Panie, do kogóż pójdziemy? Marianie na Ukrainie (Warsaw 2001); S. Kurlandzki, L. Danilecka, Doświadczenie Kazachstanu (Warsaw 2002).

Rev. Kurlandzki MIC also published Koncepcja doświadczenia moralnego u Maxa Schelera (Warsaw 2003).

Everything for Our Immaculate Lady!

In our book The Concept of Moral Experience according to Max Scheler we attempted to present the theories of Scheler’s phenomenological experience as a type of cognisance that is particularly different from all other types of epistemological experience.


First of all things, Scheler believed that phenomenological experience concerns all subjects possible. If it is so, it also has an appliance in the epistemological perception of the moral facts, but here a question arises: Do such facts (items) exist at all and where should one look for them?

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