Charles Renouvier

Charles Renouvier

Charles Bernard Renouvier (1815- 1903), the first French Personalist, he wrote the book Le Personnalisme in 1903. He was born in Montpellier, France on January 1, 1815. Renouvier was a philosopher, theologian and sociologist. He prepared his Personalism in Perpignan, France. Charles died in Prades on September 1, 1903.

There are three parts in his Personalism: metaphysics of personalism (la métaphysique du personnalisme), sociology of personalism (la sociologie du personnalisme) and eschatology of personalism (l’eschatologie du personnalisme).

His major books are: Manuel de philosophie moderne (Paris 1842); Manuel de philosophie ancienne (Paris 1844); Manuel républicain de l’homme et du citoyen (Paris 1848); Science de la morale (Paris 1869); Critique de la doctrine de Kant (Paris 1906); Le Personnalisme (Paris 1903; Lublin 1999).

“Personalism is a doctrine of Renouvier which means to respect a person as the highest category and as the center of his conception of the universe.” (André Lalande)

The two questions reunited by the title of this work compose really only one, with its main correlations. The first one, enclosed in the term personalism (le terme de personnalisme), or doctrine of personality, sets us the task of proving by reasons, logical ones at first, and moral ones subsequently, that the perception of person as conscience and will is the foundation of all human perceptions.

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