Czesław Stanisław Bartnik

Czesław Stanisław BartnikBartnik Czesław Stanisław (1929–), Professor of Systematic Theology at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. General Editor of the biannual Personalism, he inspired a system of Universalistic Personalism. According to Prof. Czesław Bartnik the person is the ultimate goal and sense of all reality. Person is the crown of the Universe. As a system, personalism affirms person as a key to understanding all reality, created as well as Uncreated. Rev. Czesław Bartnik wrote about 60 books and 1500 articles, and he promoted 60 doctoral dissertations.

His famous books are: Personalistyczna teoria historii (Poznań 1964), Personalizm (Lublin 1995, 2000), Dogmatyka katolicka (Lublin 1999-vol. I, Lublin 2003- vol.II) and Teilhardyzm jako historia uniwersalna (Lublin 2003).

“The relationship of man as person to the universe must be undertaken above all by personalism.”

Attempts to explain the perennial question of the relationship of man as person to the earth, cosmos, universe and the whole reality must be undertaken above all by personalism, which cannot limit itself to personology, i.e. the science of person as such.

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