Łukasz Cybuch

Łukasz Cybuch

Rev. Łukasz Cybuch (1978–), a presbyter of Radom diocese who is interested in astronomy and cosmology. In 2003 he was ordained by Radom bishop Zygmunt Zimowski. He completed theological studies (UKSW, Radom), obtaining a Master’s degree in theology on the basis of a thesis entitled: Rola nauk przyrodniczych w protologii ks. Wincentego Granata na tle współczesnej kosmologii (Radom 2003).

“Person is the sense of the Universe” (Warsaw, December 2002).

One of the tasks of personalism is to throw interdisciplinary bridges over science, philosophy and theology. Thus, it makes us look integrally at the reality as to find interrelations between all the areas of being, simultaneously suggesting their interpretation as a whole on the basis of the ontological reality of the Uncreated Divine Persons and created persons.

In connection with the assumptions mentioned above, defining the relationship between person and cosmos, as well as the role and significance of person in a broad context of natural sciences, seems to be an essential challenge to this system.

The approach to this matter is facilitated due to the fact that currently science provides us with numerous observations, the interpretation of which entails conclusions of a philosophical nature. These reflections indicate a genetic relationship between cosmic processes and the existence of a human person in the Universe. In a further perspective they aim at the affirmation of the reality of the Personal Creator, describing His attributes in an indirect way.

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