Marian Maciejewski

Marian Maciejewski

Maciejewski Marian (1937–), Professor of the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, a historian of literature.

He is a specialist in Polish Romanticism (A.Mickiewicz, A.Malczewski, J.Słowacki, H.Rzewuski, I. Chodźko). Professor Maciejewski inspired a new kind of interpretation in religious literature, called kerigmatical interpretation.

He is an itinerant catechist in the Neocatechumenal Way. He proclaimed the Gospel in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Georgia. Currently Professor Marian Maciejewski is a responsible of the itinerant team in Ukraine.

His major books are: Narodziny powieści poetyckiej w Polsce (Wrocław 1970), Poetyka – Gatunek – Obraz. W kręgu poezji romantycznej (Wrocław 1977), „Ażeby ciało powróciło w słowo”. Próba kerygmatycznej interpretacji literatury (Lublin 1991).

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Mt 5:44).

Among the original inspirations for the proposed hermeneutic efforts were the many years of the author’s experience as a lecturer of literature in seminaries. Usually, the lectures were conducted in the form of conversation classes. The plural form of the indicated didactic activity can be explained in at least three ways.

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