Adam Siomak

Adam Siomak

Adam Siomak (1974–), a Lublin personalist. He was born on May 10, 1974 in Stalowa Wola. In 1999 Adam was ordained into the priesthood in Lublin, Poland. From 2000 to 2002 he was a secretary of Archbishop Józef Życiński (Lublin).

Rev. Adam Siomak prepared his Master’s degree (Bowne’s Personalistic System, Lublin 1999) in Systematic Theology under Prof. Czesław Bartnik. He is finishing his doctoral dissertation at the Catholic University of Lublin, Institute of Ecumenism.

“Man is making, he is not yet made.”
“We cannot believe in man without believing in God, and we cannot believe in God without believing in man.” (B.P. Bowne)

Various sciences like psychology, sociology, pedagogy or anthropology have been trying to grasp the complexity of a human person. None of them, however, fully comprehend the phenomenon of a person. It seems that personalism can address this issue. Personalism is broader than just the study of a personal being. It is a new philosophical system which views the whole reality through the prism of a person. Currently, many personalistic systems, such as German, French or American, have evolved. The latter, which began in Berkeley, is certainly one of the most outstanding. At the University of California, USA personalism was nurtured by many prominent thinkers.1 Still, a proper school of personalism was not started until Borden Parker Bowne – a Protestant, Methodist clergyman – published his book, Personalism (Boston, 1908).

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