Józef Jarzębowski

Józef Jarzębowski

Józef Jarzębowski (1897 – 1964), a Marian Father of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, a Personalist in Pedagogics. He was born in Warsaw on January 27, 1897. Fr. Joseph was a teacher in Collegium Marianum in Warsaw, Bielany (1925 – 1939). He was a genius in pedagogy. During the Second World War he migrated from Poland to Lithuania, Russia, Japan, Mexico, USA, England. In England he bought the palace of Fawley Court and founded the Divine Mercy College in 1954. As a poet and educator he wrote: Pieśń bezimiennego krzzyżowca (Detroit 1943, London 1970); Maryjna poezja Cypriana Norwida (Dunstable 1962); Droga krzyżowa i litania do zmęczonego Jezusa (London 1970); Traugutt. Dokumenty, listy, wspomnienia, wypisy (London 1970).

“In pedagogy Personalism is realized between individualism and collectivism.”

One of the reasons for the modern day disaster to which mankind is heading – if not the most important one – is pedagogy which has been wrong for centuries. “The fate of the Republic depends upon the education of its youth,” – Chancellor Jan Zamojski once wrote. In fact, a nation’s education becomes its fate and mankind’s history depends on its nations! Today, this fate looks rather gloomy. In the course of just half a century, we have witnessed two devastating world wars and a third one hangs over us like the ‘Sword of Damocles’. Yet never before in the course of the centuries have there been so many things said and written about upbringing and education as there have in the 19th and 20th century.

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