Antoni Papużyński

Antoni Papużyński

Antoni Papużyński (1940–2003), a Personalist in Psychology, the Viceprovincial of Marians in England and Renovator of Fawley Court — a palace between London and Oxford by the Thames River, built by Sir Christopher Wren (1684). Anthony was born on August 15, 1940 in a dugout (ziemianka) in Gieorgiejevka, Siberia. His father Anthony was an army officer. Anthony and Bronisława, his parents, had five sons, Anthony is the youngest person in the courageous family. Władysław, his brother was a Senator when Lech Wałęsa became President of Poland.

Antoni Papużyński published Podstawy psychologicznopedagogiczne systemu wychowawczego Ojca Stanisława Papczyńskiego, założyciela Marianów (Warszawa 1974).

“Ave Maria!”
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(S. Cardinal Wyszyński, Jasna Góra 1976).

It is always difficult to talk about yourself, all the more when you recall painful events, as in this case my family’s deportation to Siberia. I have to admit that it is not easy for me to discuss this event, especially because it is connected with painful experiences which have undoubtedly exerted an influence on my whole life. I am not much of a story teller. Moreover, thousands of other people suffered just as I did. I never wanted to treat this experience as something special. Out of respect for those others, one must honestly and plainly recount at least a few of the events of those years, without concealing or enhancing anything.

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