Czesław Stanisław Bartnik

Czesław Stanisław Bartnik

Czesław Stanisław Bartnik (1929–), Professor of Systematic Theology, General Editor of the biannual Personalism.

A notion of person and a notion of nation in Personalism are his very specialized topics. He has especially developed the theology of nation in Christian social anthropology.

The author of 50 books and about 1500 articles, his main books are: Formen der politischen Theologie in Polen (Regensburg 1986); Naród i społeczeństwo (Częstochowa 1990); Personalizm (Lublin 1995, 2000); Teologia narodu (Częstochowa 1999).

“A human person and a nation are created by God.” “An equal dignity of person and an equal dignity of nation.”

Not all Western intellectual movements consider ‘nation’ as a subject of science. Some consider only state, society, social groups or population. Although, such tendencies have long tradition reaching Enlightenment, they are nevertheless wrong. This position arises from the utopian spirit and atheistic idealism. In Poland ‘nation’ is considered unreservedly by such sciences as history, sociology, ethnology, culturology, law sciences, philosophy and – by my initiative – theology. From the anti-national perspective, it may seem that this is, particularly theology of nation, a nationalistic provocation. However, the theology of nation categorically rejects any nationalism, however it acknowledges the existence of the nation and tries to characterize it in the context of God, Christian revelation and the Church.

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