Piotr Socha

Piotr Socha

Piotr Socha (1961–), became a member of the Congregation of the Marian Fathers in 1981. He studied philosophy at the Archdiocesan Seminary of Allen Hall in London (1982 – 85), and theology at Heythrop College, London University (1985-88). In 1988 he was ordained into the priesthood in Fawley Court. Fr. Piotr studied formation pedagogy at the Papal Salesian University in Rome (1994 – 2001). His research on the patrimony of Fr. Jarzębowski has afforded him the possibility to find new elements of the personalistic method in pedagogy.

He published Pedagogical experience of Father Józef Jarzębowski (1999).

“Let us educate the children of God in such a way that they will know how to live as the pupils of our Saviour’s Father.”

Various authors have already described the course of life, the modes of thinking and acting of marian Father Józef Jarzębowski (1897-1964). From the point of view of Polish personalism and Polish personalists, Fr. Józef appears as an exceptional figure. He unites in himself and in his writings about the structures of his personalism, many currents of reasoning and ways of living, bearing witness to his creative approach to his surroundings and evolving reality. As a starting element of this presentation, I propose Father Jarzębowski’s formula, which defines educational activity of the personalistic type as “giving from one’s own soul.”Using this formula, Fr. Jarzębowski very economically, because synthetically, arranged a good number of elements that constitute to the educational process.

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