Czesław Stanisław Bartnik

Czesław Stanisław Bartnik

Czesław Stanisław Bartnik (1929–), General Editor of the biannual Personalism; a seminal Personalist – in contact with former Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Pope John Paul II, and Lech Wałęsa, the legendary leader of “Solidarity.” Czesław was born on August 9, 1929 in èrebce (former Źrzebce), Poland. Michał and Marianna, his parents had nine children, Czesław is the sixth eldest child. Czesław Bartnik was ordained into the priesthood on June 21, 1953 in Lublin, Poland. He is a theologian, philosopher and scientist.
John Paul II wrote to him: “Dear Father Professor! I admire your great erudition” (August 5,1995).

“A human being is a person from the moment of conception.”

“A society is personally, not naturally arranged.”

Personalism is a direction of thought referring to “the person” as a reality having a most special status, the highest and transcending above all others. The thought has been only forming, especially in the European and Euro-Atlantic cultures. It also seems to have become the first direction in science and culture.


The term “personalism” itself appeared first in France in 1737 (“le personnalisme”) to denote individualism, as well as egocentrism or even egoism, and later on – independently – in Germany in 1799 (F.D. Schleiermacher) to determine a personal God against impersonal pantheism, and finally in the work of Ch. B. Renouvier entitled “Le Personnalisme” (Paris 1903) denoting a humanisticmoral system stemming from kantism; in Poland it was Wincenty Lustosławski who used the term for the first time in 1887.

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