Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński

Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński

Stefan Wyszyński (1901-1981), a Primate of Poland, called by John Paul II “the Primate of Millennium” (Poland’s Millennium of Christianity: Baptism 966-1966). He was born on August 3, 1901 in Zuzela, Poland. On August 3, 1924 he was ordained into the priesthood in Włocławek. In Częstochowa (Sanctuary of Black Madonna) on May 12, 1946 he became a bishop, and on February 12, 1953 he was nominated a Cardinal. During the communism period Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński was imprisoned (September 25, 1953 – October 28, 1956). He was a Professor of Canon Law and Sociology, moreover the spiritual father of “Solidarity.” Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński is well known for his Social Personalism. His most renowned books are: Zapiski więzienne (Prison notes) (1982), Kościół w służbie narodu (1981), Nauczanie społeczne (1946-1981, 1990).

“We forgive and we ask your forgiveness” (A letter to the Bishops of Germany, November 18, 1965).

“The life is the light of people” (St. John 1,4)
“Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus” (St. Luke 1,42)

1. When the Polish Nation crowded before the foot of the throne of the Jasna Góra Queen of Poland, they were watched by the sad motherly eyes of the Holy Mother of God. She showed to the people of God “the fruit of Her womb”, the God-Man, born from Her at the instance of the Holy Spirit.

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