Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman (1819-1892), an American poet, famous for his Leaves of Grass, “a genius” – written about him by Ralph Tyler Flewelling (Democratic Personalism). Starting from Paumanok (a native Indian name of Long Island which means “an island in the shape of a fish”) Whitman began to discover the mystery of persons and social system of democracy. He published his essay on “Democracy” in December 1868. His essays “Personalism” (May 1867) and “Democracy” were later the parts of his Democratic Vistas (1871) – a message for a new American democracy.

“The women of America… greater than man, we may admit, through their divine maternity” (Democratic Vistas).

The great word Solidarity has arisen!

After the rest is said-after many time-honored and really true things for subordination, experience, rights of property, etc., have been listened to, and acquiesced in-after the valuable and well-settled statement of our duties and relations in society is thoroughly conned over and exhausted – it remains to bring forward and modify everything else with the idea of that Something a man is, standing apart from all else, divine in his own right, and a woman in hers, sole and untouchable by any canons of religion, politics, or what is called modesty or art.

The radiation of this truth, practically a modern one, is the history and key of the most significant doings of our immediately preceding three centuries, and has been the political genesis and life of America.

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