Zbigniew Banaczek

Zbigniew Banaczek

Zbigniew Banaczek (1947–), Professor of Świętokrzyska Academy – Kielce, Poland. Head of Department of Ostetrics and Gynaecological Ward in Province Hospital in Radom. Member of the Board of the Leading Polish Gynaecologic Society and the chairman of the Society in Radom. Main interests: pathology of pregnancy and labour – gynaecological endoscopy.

Co-author of the book entitled: Chosen issues in antenatal psychology (Radom 2000).

“Beating heart in woman’s womb makes her a mother forever.”

“Life begins from the moment of the fertilization of an ovum. It is neither the father’s or mother’s life, but the life of a new human being who develops autonomously. It will never become a human if it is not a human being from the beginning.”

John Paul II

The individual life, ontogenesis, begins at the moment of fertilization and lasts till the moment of death.

The ontogenetic development of a human being can be divided into two basic periods:

1. the life in a mother’s womb (intrauterine or prenatal)
2. the development after birth (postnatal).

In the prenatal development of the human organism 3 periods are distinguished.

1. The preembrionic period

– from the moment of fertilization to about the 3rd week (21st day).

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